Featuring Favorites In My Kitchen

Hi folks! Welcome to my blog, which I started in October 2014 as a way to share healthy recipes I have gathered over time. The blog was born out of suggestions by my trainer and friends that I create a site to highlight dishes that I have made and that I think others will enjoy for being not only on the healthy side but also for being delicious.

UPDATE: My latest news is that as part of this amazing journey I’ve been on for the past four years, I have become certified by American Fitness Professionals & Associates as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. With much encouragement by my trainer Amad Siddiquee and others, I decided to turn my passion for nutrition and healthier eating that came out of my own life experience into a vocation where I can help others facing weight problems and/or poor nutritional habits. I can’t tell you how excited I have been moving along this path. If someone had told me four years ago that I would be in a position to encourage and support others to live healthier lives, I would have laughed in their face. Just goes to show how your life path can be altered when you decide to take control and make critical changes.

In 2013, over a period of eight months, I lost 75 lbs through dedicated exercise and changing my eating habits and adopting a much healthier lifestyle. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and now I tend towards simple recipes with a handful of ingredients and easy steps to follow. In the process of losing the weight, I discovered how simple it was to ferret out new recipes or ideas from a whole host of sources: family and friends, online, and from various magazines, such as Cooking Light. Initially my goal was to find recipes with portion sizes and caloric levels that worked with my weight loss regime. When I hit my weight loss goal in November 2013, my trainer and I shifted priorities and I started strength training to add some muscle mass. However, I still pay close attention to nutritional values such as calories and fat and sodium, while trying to eat more protein than carbs, which is easier said than done sometimes.

I’m constantly trying out new healthy or ‘healthy-ish” recipes that I come across.  And if a recipe is not healthy, I’ll be the first to alert you to that fact. Indeed, don’t be surprised to see a cheesecake recipe or two crop up, because after all, it’s not about denying yourself pleasures, but learning how to enjoy them in moderation (I don’t believe in diet cheesecake). If I’m trying out a new recipe, the only way I’ll post it on this blog is if I genuinely like it and feel it merits your attention.

Where I can, I will throw in my two cents on a recipe, as far as a speedy step or tip or recommendation. Take it with a grain of salt, as it’s just my perspective. And, of course, I will include the nutritional breakdown when it is available.

You can find the most recent recipes under: Latest Recipes.To learn more about my weight loss journey, check out the About page. As for what’s in the pike as far as what recipes I’m working on, look to: What’s Coming Up Next. And, I’m constantly trying to update my Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle page.

I hope you find some recipes on this blog that you’ll consider trying and that may end up in your cooking repertoire!

Jareer Elass

October 2016



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  1. Thank You! I look forward to using your recipes in my kitchen soon.


  2. Great recipes and tips!


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